eyeSelfie: Self Directed Eye Alignment using Reciprocal Eye Box Imaging

Team : Tristan Swedish, Karin Roesch, Ik-Hyun Lee, Krishna Rastogi, Shoshana Bernstein, Ramesh Raskar


Eye alignment to the optical system is very critical in many modern devices, such as for biometrics, gaze tracking, head mounted displays, and health. We show alignment in the context of the most difficult challenge: retinal imaging. Alignment in retinal imaging, even conducted by a physician, is very challenging due to precise alignment requirements and lack of direct user eye gaze control. Self-imaging of the retina is nearly impossible.

We demonstrate that a combination of simple optics and an interactive user interface can be employed for self-imaging of the retina. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first time interactive self-imaging of the retina has been demonstrated. Our setup avoids many of the pitfalls found in typical fundus camera arrangements by providing a fixation cue that indicates to the user when they are correctly aligned. Our fixation displays use much less light than infrared illumination alignment and other focusing methodologies used in standard retinal photography.


T. Swedish, K. Roesch, I.K. Lee, K. Rastogi, S. Bernstein, R. Raskar. eyeSelfie: Self Directed Eye Alignment using Reciprocal Eye Box Imaging. Proc. of SIGGRAPH 2015 (ACM Transactions on Graphics 34, 4), 2015.


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